Philip wrote this song for Sally
until the next time

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
Shaleah mentioned this one from Natasha Bettingfield, Sally sang this for a year when it first came out -
Unwritten - Unwritten (Bonus Track Version)

Closer I am to Fine and Land of Canaan by the Indigo Girls

Donna and Sally would would ride all over Marin and the Headlands and sing these at the tops of our lungs with the windows open. At one point, we even stopped the car and flung open the doors and and danced outside in the tall golden grass at the top of the ridge at the Headlands.
Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls (Expanded Edition)

One and One by Robert Miles
For those of you who have asked, the song below is “our song”. We heard it at a rave we attended in 1994 I think. We played it endlessly and was the last song Sally and I listened to together. She sang it to me less than a week before leaving us. I can still hear it in my head almost every day.

One and One - Dreamland

Soul Meets Body from Deathcab for Cutie was a favorite too.

Soul Meets Body - Directions