A Friend has fallen
and we are left
without her laughter
So the wave
will touch the shore
sweeping on
From death we learn
to love the living
all the more

I am grateful for the recognition that I am the creator,
the divine, willing and awakening from the deep sleep
that is consensual reality. Life itself is a miracle.
I give thanks for the magical, wondrous and miraculous. I must not allow
the sleep to shroud my soul. I am willing to be willing.
I know that I have my own path to walk and must not conform to be what
others want me to be. I must break free into the infinite universe inside of me.
—–From Sally’s journal c. 2000

Sally, you
Eternal maternal
Facing your naysayers with hilarity and poise,
Clutching close those who had earned your affection
To your perfumed bosom
With a fierce loyalty that
No one would dare challenge.
When I had sunk to the dankest blackness,
Licking my wounds after yet another heartbreak,
Your bottomless well-drink of love
Warmed me with its effervescence,
Allowing me a glimpse into how good it might be
If I saved my heart for someone who is worthy.
(And it is! Thank you!)
You were my beacon of passion,
A shooting star burning thrice as bright as the rest.
You went by too quickly
And the dazzle you left
Leaves me reeling, sun spots in my eyes.

Love you always,